Monday, February 7, 2011

Link, comin' to town.

At long last, the fruit of our labors:

Info about the video after the break.

I liked this puppet so much that I was a sad to see it go once it was done.  So I decided to immortalize it in some sort of video.  (This ended up becoming a tradition for us.)

We needed a Zelda and a Ganon...  and since it wasn't practical to build those characters just to make the video, we needed some stand-ins.  Erma and Floyd stepped in for some deliberately poor casting.

This project ended up being more graphics-intensive than I thought...  Despite being shot on a low-res camera, due to our main camera wearing out as we began to shoot.

Some of the effects ended up coming out much better than I expected.
For example, the fairy:  it's nothing more than a pincushion with paper wings attached to it.  (A bright red pincushion.  With printer-paper wings.)  Thanks to some digital magic, you would have never known the difference.
Also, in the same scene, Link has some rupees swirling over his head.  I ended up quickly making a rupee out of paper, and filming it in front of the green screen.  I duplicated it, and changed the colors.  Pretty neat.

I hope you've enjoyed it.

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