Monday, January 11, 2010

Old commercial and out-dated custom-info

If you are viewing this post to find out about custom puppets, please go here or click the "Custom Puppet Info" button above.

Take a look at our commercial, to get a brief overview, as well as some contact info:

Puppet Bases:

the shape and type of the puppet's head and body.

Sock-style puppet-

--- This comes with:
-a fully customizable face (eyes, eyebrows and nose's size shapes and positions, all to your specifications)
-hair (if desired, made from, yarn, felt, or feathers)(more complicated hairstyles will bring a higher price)
-Simple-style hands and 1 basic-style rod(both explained further down).
sock style examples:

Round, person style puppet-

simple-style arms/hands and 1 rod.
examples of this style here:

Larger, more complex character- 

This one is a bit more open-ended, a full-out customized puppet.  You can design and request every last detail.  Hence the price difference.
For this one, you can request specific shapes for the character, costume, and style of controls.

If commissioning a fully custom puppet, a design sketch would be greatly appreciated.
However, if you can not provide one, give as detailed a description as possible to me, and I'll do the design sketch for you.
Once I get your okay on the sketch, I'll begin building to it.

Sack-style & monster puppet-

This style also may have customized shapes, number of fingers, length of arms etc.
(though, you may request the "standard" which is basically what the example drawing is)
Hands are controlled by putting your arm into the puppet's arm. This type is able to manipulate props and objects.
This style may have some limitations, depending on what fur-fabrics are available at the time of order. (Though, it doesn't necessarily need to be fur at all.  A non-fur puppet of this kind would be a considerable amount cheaper.)
The head may be any shape you like, it isn't limited to this round one.
You only get one option of hand type, obviously.

Similar to Rowlf or Cookie Monster.

Custom Costuming-
This can be pretty much anything you'd like it to be.
However, if the larger and more intricate it is, the more I'll ask for it.
If you'd like a simple t-shirt, or even a real shirt if the character is big enough, price can be negotiated down.

Different styles of hands balance between affordability and awesomeness.

Mitten-hands- This style comes free with the base price of a puppet.
Basic Hands-  -This style has with 4 fingers, which are stuffed, and not posable.
Deluxe hands- -Comes with 4 fingers, and has an armature inside, which allows the hand to be posed.

Live hands--

-This type of hand generally works better with a larger character, but if you like, the option is available with smaller puppets.  (I personally like the 'small character, big hands' look)
-This is similar to the "sack-style" puppet, where the puppet's hand is a glove, and you control it by putting your hand inside.
-Since having two live-hands on a puppet would require another person to operate it, you may opt to have only 1, and have the other hand be stuffed.
-anything you'd like to request, just ask.


How the rods attach to the puppet's hands.  With the base price, you get 1 free rod, and the "basic" option. 

Basic detachable configuration- 1 free rod with base price
-The arm is sealed, like a stuffed animal's arm.
-the rod is attached to the hand with an elastic band (instructions will be included which explain the easiest and best way to do this)
~pros: cheapest, simplest option that allows for detachable rods
~cons: you have a visible elastic band around the puppet's arm.

Attached rod-
-The rod is attached into the hand/arm of the puppet, it IS NOT removable.
-If you want another to control the other arm, it will cost another $3.
~pros: the firm attachment to the hand allows for very precise control, you will never lose the rod, looks very nice.
~cons: you can't remove the rods from the hands.

Deluxe detachable rod-
-a hidden pocket in the bottom of the hand allows for a rod to be inserted and removed.
-If you would like another to control the other hand, it will cost another $5
~pros: The best of both worlds.  The hand looks good with and without the rod in it
~cons: costs more, due to the amount of work needed to make it.

If you want to mix-and-match rod styles, you could, for example, put a deluxe rod option on one hand, and a basic on the right.  Just ask.

Other Options:

Legs, extra arms, different hands, fur, or any other custom options may be requested.

If any request requires me to make a vastly different pattern, I'll inform you of a price difference.
This would include something like, a very involved nose, or head shape, a large chin or something like that.
Totally do-able, but it would take some special consideration and prep-work to get done.


You may choose whatever color you like. The options for the "skin" tone are pretty much limitless. Pretty much any color you can imagine.

Again, don't hesitate to ask if an option is available. If you have a price limit, I can make some changes to the design to accommodate.

If you don't, you can request pretty much anything. I aim to please, and am capable of customizing anything you like.

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