Thursday, May 16, 2013

Simple Style Puppets

In a previous post I described the Deluxe Style puppets and their various features. In this post, I will similarly describe the Simple Style puppets.


Like their Deluxe counterparts, these puppets are stock-shape based, which means that characters are built from a combination of ready-to-go shapes.

As their name suggests, the construction of Simple Style puppets are simpler than their Deluxe counterparts, though they are built to the same standard of quality.

Due to their smaller size and simplified build, Simple Style can be assembled more quickly if you need a character in a hurry.  Due to these factors, the Simple Style puppets are our most affordable puppet style.

Simple Heads:
Simple Style puppets have the same head shapes options as the Deluxe Style:

Round,                         Egghead,                Long (or Sock-head)

The Simple Style puppets have less foam structuring inside them, which makes the character much more flexible and expressive, and considerably lighter as well.
Only the top part of these puppets’ heads have foam structure; the rest of the head is supported by the puppeteer’s hand. (And in the case of the Simple Sock-head, all of its head.)

Simple Arms and Body:
Due to their smaller size, Simple Style puppets typically are given rod-controlled hands, since live-hands would be unusually large in proportion to the rest of them.

"Why they so big?"

Optional foam body on the left, Standard on the right

Simple Style puppets’ bodies are typically a fabric sleeve, though we do offer an optional foam body to round your character out a bit.

Monster Variant on the left, Standard on the right

Another optional body available to Simple Style puppets is the “Monster Variant,” which replaces the puppet’s body and rod-arms with a sack-monster body and live-hand gloves.

To request your own Simple Style puppet, click here and submit a request!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Deluxe Style Puppets

We recently updated our custom puppet options and features, adding to and fixing up our stock-shape pattern library.
Our stock-shape based custom puppets are now broken down into two styles: Simple and Deluxe Style puppets.
This post will describe the Deluxe Style puppets in a bit more detail.

The puppets are blank, but you can get an idea of how they work.

Being a stock-shape based puppet, Deluxe Style allow puppets you to create a character from different shapes that we have ready-to-go. These shapes make the base that your character is then applied to.

Deluxe Style puppets are slightly larger than similar Simple Style shapes. These puppets’ heads are roughly human-sized, and they stand roughly 20 inches tall.
In contrast with their Simple Style counterparts, the Deluxe Style puppets heads and bodies are structured entirely with foam.  Also, these puppets' necks are built with so that the head can turn independently from the body, giving them a wider range of motion.

These puppets show different combinations of all of our Deluxe shapes:

Deluxe Egghead, Average body and Live-Hands.

Deluxe Long-Head, Oval body and Rod-Hands.

Deluxe Round head, Oval body and Live-hands.
  • We have already posted about this puppet [here]
With your character design and input, we create combinations of these features to make your character. With these different head, body and arm options, many different combinations are possible, each with the potential to bring your character to life.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update Complete!

Our big update is now complete!

Our new information is up in our Custom Puppet Information page, and our new order form is up and running.

We have opened back up for requests, and plan on returning to a more regular posting schedule.

Be on the lookout for new stuff from us soon!
And, if you like what you see here, let us know!
If you want to get your hands on/in a puppet like the ones we've already made, take a gander at our info page and submit a request.